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Last updated: September 25, 2016

Terms of Use and Acceptance

The Terms of USE depicts how you may use or interact smallpdftools.com. You must read this TOU before using the smallpdftools.com. After accessing or using this website you are automatically showing your consent and bound by these TOUs. In case of not agreeing or not accepting these terms, you should stop visiting the website. In case of any question you have about this website or any related PDF Tools on this website please contact us at info@smallpdftools.com.

Modification Rights

SmallPDFTools.com have the rights to modify the Terms of Use without any notification. You can read the latest version TOU by clicking on the text hyperlink available in the Menu bar.

Services Description

Smallpdftools.com is one stop shop for the PDF Solutions. We provide PDF conversions free of cost. You can convert the PDF document to any desired format like JPG, Word, TXT and many others. You can download the converted documents without any restriction, and without any additional watermarks. Feel Free to use the services of smallpdftools.com under the TERMS OF USE.

Applicable Restrictions on Usage of Website

When you access this website you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions of this website.

  • You are not permitted to use this website for any unlawful activity and you are prohibited to break any term and condition.
  • You are not permitted to use this website to defame or disgrace any person either physically or mentally.
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  • You are not permitted to use this website for giving any business suggestions.


In case of any violation, authorities have right to block your IP Address permanently and can take legal action against you.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Information

SmallPDFTools.com really care about your privacy. See our Privacy Policy which deals with the collection and use of information.